V and A Waterfront


At KWIKFIT Waterfront we specialize in the beauty of your vehicle. Visit or contact us for more information for your vehicular needs


Car Battery

Don’t change your battery until we have tested it.  Why waste money when you can come to KWIKFIT and get honest advice.  We will only sell you a battery if yours cannot be recharged. A flat battery could be caused by other issues that are easily fixed.

Call us for assistance 7 days a week 021 421 8838.

We offer a battery call out service within 5 kilometers. free if you need a battery, R150 for a recharge if we test the battery and find that it does not need to be changed and can be recharged.




Tel: 021 421 8838
Email: Carloh@kwikfit.co.za
Address: Breakwater Parking, V & A Waterfront, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa